Meet The Docs

Total Health Advantage was opened by Dr. Jeff May in February 2008, right after he graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He opened the practice in Jordan, Minnesota, not only because of how close it was to his family’s home, but also because he enjoyed the small-town feel that reminded him of his hometown in Nebraska. Dr. Jeff May opened Total Health Advantage with the mission to help make Scott County the healthiest county in the entire state of Minnesota! We firmly believe your life can be improved when you receive care from our clinic. It doesn’t matter what reason you have for coming into our clinic, we know we can impact your life for the better and give you an advantage that will benefit you and your overall health and wellness.


Meet The Docs

Dr. Jeff May

Growing up in Nebraska, Dr. Jeff May was an avid horseback rider, calf roper and participated in team roping. His first encounter with chiropractic care occurred during his sophomore year of high school. A horse reared up and bucked, then landed on top of him. The injury he received from this, led him to see a chiropractor.

“I saw he didn’t need equipment, machines and a team of doctor or nurses, yet he enabled me to walk out of his office on my own. He was like a ninja! I realized that if I could learn what he knew, I could impact people’s lives anywhere and not be restricted to working in a hospital or with others.”

Dr. Jeff attended Northwestern Health Sciences University where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic. While studying, he saved up to travel all around the country to visit different chiropractors and their practices. While traveling, he met Dr. Matt Hubbard, located in San Diego and a dear friend to this day, who ran a family practice. At this practice, Dr. Jeff saw hundreds of people come in every day, both kids and adults, and they were all happy and excited to be there. It was a huge eye-opener and changed Dr. Jeff’s view about chiropractic. It was the visit to this clinic that made him realize chiropractic care is more than a treatment for an illness or disease, but it was actually a successful strategy for a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Jeff furthered his chiropractic education by training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) of which he is now a member of the association. His training with the ICPA is what allows him to deliver excellent care to all members of your family, from infants to senior citizens. He is also a member of the local chamber of commerce and is involved with CHADD, the national resource on ADHD.

In his free time, Dr. Jeff stays busy with his family. He and his wife, Olivia, have four children: Bennett, Lily, Louis, and Theo. His family enjoys being outside, riding bikes, swimming, and staying active. Together, they throw home dance parties complete with a disco light and enjoy watching movies, laughing and having fun.


Dr. Danny Hawkins

Dr. Danny comes from a “chiropractic family”—his Dad Steve is a chiropractor, as well as his 2 younger brothers, Scott and Andy. He is from New Ulm, Minnesota and graduated from New Ulm High School in 2007. After high school, he attended Winona State University for four years and earned a health science degree. At Winona State, he loved doing anything outdoors—golfing, hiking, spending time on the water, but staying indoors during the freezing cold winters.

After Winona State, it was off to chiropractic school to follow in Dad’s footsteps! During chiropractic school, he loved learning anything and everything chiropractic. He attended Northwestern Health Sciences University, and spent a ton of time outside of the office learning from chiropractors around the Twin Cities metro (including Dr. May at Total Health Advantage!). He graduated with his DC degree in November of 2014.

After graduating as a chiropractor, he moved back to his hometown to practice with his Dad for a year. He began taking care of people in the New Ulm community, and helped bring the advantage to more people around town.

After a year of working with Dad in New Ulm, he moved to a practice in Long Lake, Minnesota where he practiced for about two and a half years. He continued to take care of a lot of people, often adjusting hundreds and hundreds of people every week! He gained a lot of experience in taking care of a community and helping them live their best lives with chiropractic.

He started adjusting practice members at Total Health Advantage in February 2018, and became an official team member of the Total Health Advantage team in January of 2019!

Coming from a chiropractic family, he is extremely passionate about teaching people anywhere and everywhere about the incredible things chiropractic can do for their lives. He received his first adjustment when he was 3 days old, and has been getting adjusted ever since! He attributes his health and wellness in his own life to chiropractic.

Dr. Danny loves to do anything outdoors, including skiing, boating, golfing, and exploring different places on vacations! He especially loves downhill skiing, and takes a family ski trip to Lutsen every year. He also loves traveling out to Colorado to ski in the mountains!

He’s an avid Minnesota Vikings fan, and is praying they win a Super Bowl in his lifetime. Basketball is his favorite sport, however, and plays whenever he gets a chance!